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Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance System

Hunan Changzhong Company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifications successively since 2005. In establishing, implementing and maintaining the quality management system, the company has been adhering to the quality policy of "quality first, customer first, technological innovation, abiding by the contract", and always adheres to the requirements of management system standards, and constantly improves and improves the operation of the quality management system.
1. Organization and Personnel Setup
Set up an independent quality management agency, equipped with professional quality engineers, inspection engineers and inspection personnel, set up quality control points in each link of product purchase, production, installation, etc., implement the "self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection" system, and carry out all Process inspection, prevent substandard products from flowing into the next process, and implement total quality management in the company.
2. System operation management

In accordance with the requirements of the management system standards, combined with the company's operation and management mode, the company's "Quality Manual" and "Procedural Documents" have been compiled, and the control procedures cover all aspects of design, marketing, procurement, production, and quality. The company organizes and carries out management review work every year, and evaluates the compliance, suitability and effectiveness of the company's quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system according to the operation status of the management system and the market competition environment, and maintains the continuous improvement of the management system.

3. Supplier Management
The company has set up a special qualified supplier assessment leading group, which is responsible for the qualification assessment of suppliers of raw and auxiliary materials, accessories and external expansion parts, as well as the annual assessment of qualified suppliers.
4. Adopt standard
With reference to the requirements of advanced standards at home and abroad, we formulate corporate standards and internal control standards, and strive to reach the international quality level of similar products.
JB/T4149 Boom bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer technical conditions JB/T 5000 General technical conditions for heavy machinery
JB/T8849 Mobile continuous bulk material handling equipment - Specification for design of steel structures DL/T 868 welding procedure qualification
GB50270 Specification for construction and acceptance of continuous conveying equipment installation engineering GB/T 6402 Ultrasonic inspection method of steel forgings
GB50231 General specification for construction and acceptance of mechanical equipment installation works GB/T 12469 Welding quality assurance - Requirements and classification of defects for fusion welded joints of steel
JB/T10380 Round Tube Belt Conveyor  DIN 18800 Specification for Design of Steel Structures
GB/T10595 Belt Conveyor (Technical Conditions for Belt Conveyor) DIN 22101 Continuous Handling Equipment Basis for Calculation and Design of Belt Conveyors for Transporting Bulk Materials
JB/T3927 Mobile belt conveyor ISO 1819 General principles of safety regulations for continuous handling equipment
JB/T6132 Buried Scraper Conveyor Safety Specifications ISO 4310 Test methods and specifications for lifting machinery
GB/T 700 Carbon structural steel ISO 7149 General rules for safety regulations for continuous handling equipment Special rules
GB/T 1591 Low alloy structural steel ISO 5049 Mobile continuous bulk material handling equipment
5. Testing equipment
In order to standardize the management of testing equipment, the company has set up a special measurement and inspection station to ensure that all testing equipment is under control and all measurement data are traceable to national standards. At present, the company has more than 600 sets (sets) of testing equipment, which are sufficient to meet the needs of raw material inspection, production process control, quality inspection and other aspects.

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