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Company Profile

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Hunan changzhong machinery Co.,Ltd. (CZMC) was found in 1958,is a high technology enterprise with big machine design, manufacture, sale, is also main enterprise in bulk material convey and loading, unloading and Power transmission and transformation equipment ,environment protection equipment manufacture field, our company is located in JINGXIA economic developing zone, Kaifu district chiangsha city,hunan province, factory area is 600 acre, company registered capital is one billion and twenty million Yuan..

Our company have TK6926 big CNC floor type boring machine,double vertical pole boring machine,German gantry milling machine,big vertical lathe,axle,plate type part automatic process production line.automatic welding production line etc various hundreds big equipment ,is one of advance leading machine process capacity enterprise.our company main product is bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer,round material field stacker and reclaimer,scrap reclaimer,round cylinder mixer.big city crash process machine,polluted water process equipment,port equipment, Power transmission and transformation complete equipment.

Our company had produced first middle type bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer KDQ6025 for stack and reclaim heavy material in 1978 in China,since then our company had produced 2000 and more set various model bucket wheel machine. have leading share rate in the same field market, we made big living crash process equipment, its capacity 500tons/per day, was used in Beijing Olympic game in 2008,and Shanghai expo in 2010,we had developed KY-18 span type railway safety protection equipment, fill vacancy in international rail spanning project protection equipment field. we had established Changzhong intelligent technical industrial research institute,Dongda Zhangzhong intelligent technical industrial research limit company with Dongbei university .propel intelligent manufacture technology and equipment industry developing.

Company is one of china heavy machinery association, bulk material loading and unloading machine ,convey machine branch association, continuous convey machine field standard membership unit. qualify with ISO9001 quality management system,ISO14001 environment management system,ISO45001 career health safety management system certification. own mechanical and electrical engineering EPC second rank qualification .environment engineering special second rank qualification and municipal public engineering EPC third rank qualification. company own municipal expert station, company technical developing center is verified as Hunan provincial enterprise technical center. Changsha municipal bulk material loading and unloading,convey engineering research center. company have more than fifty years experience for metallic, heavy non-standard developing, have one hundred high, middle class technical person, form strong design team for non-standard equipment, achieve 100 more innovative and practical patent.

Company is national high, new technology enterprise, Changsha municipal innovative unit, Changsha municipal good technical innovative sample enterprise, Changsha municipal intellectual property right sample interprise, Changsha municipal industrial information little giant enterprise, china equipment management association, metallic industry loading and unloading gold supplier. internal combustion waste gas purify research result as verify national science award,13 Roller Plate leveler,PE25 jaw crusher have been awarder certificate from national administration, company product have been awarded famous and high quality product by china mechanical ,industrial association, china mechanical brand-new product. bucket wheel stacker and reclaimer have been awarded innovative award. automatic intelligent stack and reclaim work system equipment have been awarded Hunan provincial circle economic technology third rank award.


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